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The Correlation of Career and Technical Education Courses to Cyber Safety Issues

High School students should learn to be Cyber SMART
Safety, Manners, Advertising, Research, Technology

Cyber Crime According to Play It Cyber Safe, there are multiple types of Cyber-Crime:
A cyber-crime is "any illegal behavior directed by means of electronic operations that
targets the security of computer systems and the data processed by them."
Financial       Piracy       Hacking       Cyber-terrorism       Child Pornography
Cyber Dating Cyber Dating: How to Have Fun, but Stay Safe.
Cyber Relationships; 34 Articles and Excerpts
Cyber Relationships:  The Risks and Rewards of Online Dating 
Cyberspace; Love Online
Cyber 911 Emergency:  Cyberstalker Profile
General Safety Teen Safety on the Information Highway
Identity Protection Federal Trade Commission's Identity Theft Site
Identity Theft:  Prevention and Information
Online Privacy and Marketing to Kids
Privacy/Security Teenagers struggle with privacy, security issues
Cyber Bullying From the Schoolyard to Cyberspace
Netiquette Six tips on Teacing Children To Be Good Cyber Citizens
Online Reputations Creating a Safe Persona On the Internet (lesson plan)
Why Should Students Care About Their Online Reputations?
Advertising Scams and Fraud
Research Finding Information Tutorial
Copyright Basics Copyright Basics
File Sharing and
  Downloads (piracy)
The unauthorized copying or distribution of copyrighted software, movies and music is piracy.
CyberEthics and Internet Downloads:
An Age-by-Age Guide to Teaching Children What They Need to Know
Software Piracy Pirates of the 21st Century
Software Piracy on the Internet:  A Threat To Your Security
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