Luray High School

Mr. C.  Runyan - Principal

Mrs. L. Pettit - Assistant Principal

243 Bulldog Drive
Luray, Virginia 22835

Phone: 540-743-3800

Fax: 540-743-5524

Faculty and Staff


Mr. C. Runyan

Mrs. L. Pettit

Mr. D. Ehlers (Athletic Director)

School Support Staff

Miss K. Heiston (Finance)

Mrs. Lukasavage (Guidance)

Mrs. P. Nickols (Office Manager)


Ms. E. Turner


Mrs. S. Grogg-Mathews

Ms. S. Lam

Agriculture Education

Ms.  K. Brill

Ms.  K. Rines

Business and Information Technology

Mr. S. Johnson

Mrs. P. Secrist

Cooperative Technical Education

Mr. D. Ehlers


Mrs. J. Coleman

Ms. L. Milford

Ms. L . Jenkins

Ms. M. McCauley

Family & Consumer Science

Mrs. A. Smith


Mr. J. Schupner


Mrs. C. Campbell

TDT Counselor

Ms. H. Kates

Ms. J. Weakley

Career Coach

Mrs. S. Betcher

School Resource Officer

Mr. A. Caviness

Athletic trainer

Mr. Daniel Evans

Foreign Language

Mrs. A. Bauserman

Mr. E. Jones

Mrs. G. Burley

History/Social Science

Mrs. J. Baldwin

Mr. T. Pitts

Mrs. T. Meadows

Mr. S. Yankey


Mrs. M. Benson

Mr. J. Sanders

Mrs. L. Turgati

Mr. B. Martin


Ms.  K. Brill

Mrs. S. Merica

Ms. S. Weikle

Ms. C. Wycoff

Physical Education

Mr. N. Jeffries

Mrs. G. King

Mr. T. Osborne

Mr. R. Smith

Technical Education

Mr. R. Vickers

Visual Arts

Ms. K. Koslow

Special Education

Ms. B. Comer

Ms. D. Knight

Mr. S. Coleman

Mr. L. Hamilton

Ms. J. Housden

Instructional Assistants

Mrs. K. Breeden

Mrs. M. McDaniel

Mrs. V. Miller

Mrs. L. Parkard

Mrs. J. Cubbage

Ms. M. Fox


Mr. B. Bowman

Mrs. L. Cubbage

Mr. C. Freeze

Ms. L. Judd


Mrs. V. Brown

Mrs. B. Louderback

Mrs. S. Sours

Mrs. J. Shenk

Mrs. S. McAlister

Mrs. L. Sours